Cycle Sound Map #2

The recordings below were taken on a ride from near my home in Hackney, east London to a work event at a conference centre on the north bank of the River Thames. Most of this route is incredibly familiar being the main route I have taken into town for work or to visit exhibitions or shows. It starts on the back streets heading towards the centre to avoid as many main roads as possible before joining dedicated cycle lanes in the centre of London. It was a typically overcast day.

After drop off, cycle for only a few minutes before pausing beneath a small tree or large bush on Powerscroft Road to listen to the chorus of small birds. Make your way through the quietways by Clapton Square, down the side of St Johns and towards Mare Street. Stop on a bench in London Fields to listen to the sounds of people walking by.
Head up the wind tunnel that is Goldsmiths Row before crossing onto Colombia Road. Work your way through the backstreets of Shoreditch before stopping under the railway bridge on Rivington Street. A short ride later brings another stop at the junction of Old Street and Great Eastern Street where the sound of cars and trucks and others is about the only thing to be heard.
Down Paul Street then through Finsbury Square. Out of the south-west corner and follow the road until the Barbican tunnel, another stop by a busy road this time with a decidedly retro-futuristic feel to it. Out of the tunnel and through Smithfields Market, turn onto the cycle super highway on Farringdon Road. Stop at the traffic lights at Ludgate Circus for the final recording again dominated by central London traffic.